Sound Off ™ Silent Conference

From conferences and seminars to product launches and breakout sessions – our wireless headphone solutions offer virtually boundless audio/visual possibilities. Gone are the days of configuring an assortment of PA systems and assigning multiple rooms for one conference. Sound Off™️ Silent Conference has revolutionized the way thought leaders, professional speakers, life coaches and brands effectively disseminate content to their audiences. Sound Off headphones outwit the challenge of finite spaces while sustaining world-class audio for your guests. 


Sound Off Silent Conference gives you the power to:


  • Keep all ears on you: Eliminate noise bleed. Our noise-isolating headphones block peripheral diversions and keep the focus on your content.


  • Reach a global audience: With your translators connected to our system we’ll get the message across in any language.


  • Slash expenditures: Eliminate the cost of multiple PA systems and booking separate breakout rooms for your conference. Our headphones can wirelessly separate a room of any size, providing a unique experience for your guests at a fraction of the cost of a traditional conference setup.


  • Say farewell to noise restrictions: Sounds can only be heard by guests wearing Sound Off Headphones.


  • Maximize time and efficiency: Disperse different content simultaneously with up to 15 channels of audio.


  • Go the distance: Our headphones can last up to 11 hours.


  • Creative Control: With a range of up to 500 yards, our wireless event production solutions can execute virtually any vision across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


Sound Off Silent Conference is perfect for trade shows, team building, life coaching and personal development events, workshops, roundtables, panels and symposiums of almost any scale. Be it an indoor venue or an outdoor space, our team can tailor the perfect wireless solution for your next event. 


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