Yoga students wearing Sound Off headphones at an outdoor class

Sound Off™ Silent Disco Technology: Defying Noise Ordinances Everywhere

Our state-of-the-art, noise-isolating headphones are the solution to throwing events anywhere, anytime.

Want your party to go all night long?
Now wedding receptions, backyard birthday parties, and rooftop fetes can last as long as the crowd wants to be on the dance floor. Any neighboring residents, businesses, or other events in the same venue remain blissfully unaware of your celebration, while your guests enjoy crisp audio and their choice of music channels. 

Hosting outdoor fitness classes?
Sound Off® works with many studios that convert public parking garages, lots, or park spaces into class settings, and that requires them to comply with rigid city noise ordinances. Our silent disco technology ensures all students hear the instructor clearly and stay focused, while anyone nearby remains completely undisturbed.

So many silent scenarios!
From outdoor movie nights to art gallery shows, Sound Off headphones ensure attendees stay immersed in the audio without bothering anyone nearby. Conferences in noise-challenged venues with multiple presenters can take place seamlessly, and campus events keep the peace with the neighboring town, day or night, thanks to silent disco technology.

We’re happy to help you see how Sound Off can make your next event silent, immersive, and truly memorable contact us to find out how!