Woman with flower in her hair meditating while wearing Sound Off headphones on a beach

The Zen Den Wellness Wedding Experience

That magical day centers around beautiful vows, and those vows deserve a very special celebration — one that often lasts the entire weekend! 

Not only can the happy couple and their guests dance into the night as long as they like with Sound Off wireless technology, (read about the silent disco wedding after-party here), but our headphones provide another unique experience that the wedding party can enjoy as well.

The morning of the ceremony is a sacred time where the newlyweds-to-be can bond with their closest crew and relish every moment of prepping for the big day. Sound Off headphones offer the perfect way to hold a wellness experience that calms nerves and helps the wedding party feel relaxed and ready for the marathon celebration ahead.

With our noise-isolating technology, a guided morning yoga session or soothing meditation can take place inside a home or hotel space, or outdoors at a beach or in a beautiful backyard. Our headphones stay on comfortably through any pose and block out distractions, allowing the wedding party to focus on their breath, feel that deep, healing stretch, and sink into a peaceful moment of bliss. 

First comes zen, then comes marriage — and a silent disco wedding experience that’s the ultimate “something new.” 

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