silent disco technology in a rooftop yoga class

3 Ways Sound Off® Enhances Fitness Studios Everywhere

Just as Sound Off technology is perfect for setting off the most epic silent discos, our high-fidelity audio and far-reaching transmitters are amping up fitness studio businesses around the world as well.

Here’s how Sound Off silent disco headphones help studios pump up their students’ workouts, plus pull in new members, too.


1- Classes anywhere, anytime. 

Now you can hold your restorative yoga class next door to your high-energy dance cardio class. Or, you can take a HIIT session outside in the fresh air. Our noise-isolating technology keeps students focused on their poses, stretches, and squats, eliminating all distractions from ambient and neighboring noise (event outdoor traffic sounds). 

Plus, nearby businesses will never hear a thing — all the audio stays in your students ears only. Suddenly, your class offerings just got creative and expansive!


2- A unique, motivating spin. 

Incorporating silent disco headphones into the fitness studio creates new, innovative experiences for your members. Our glowing LED lights and crisp audio are perfect for injecting a party atmosphere into your next spin class (just dim the lights and see how hyped the energy gets). 

Hearing the instructor’s voice clearly in their ears helps students experience a personal, focused meditation or sun salutation in a more elevated, meaningful way. 

Host a (silent) lit-up boxing class outside and see how passers-by are intrigued and inspired to sign up for classes so they can experience the glow for themselves.


3 User-friendly tech for a seamless fitness experience. 

Not only is Sound Off silent disco technology easy for instructors to set up and use, we also offer the MVP Pro Hip Pack that takes all of the tech completely mobile. You’ll enjoy a comfortable fit around your waist as you lunge, kick, and motivate your class with high-quality audio from beginning to end. 

Our headphones offer an effortless experience for students, too — just show them how to adjust their own individual volume, and they can move on to warming up. Plus, our BYO Receiver allows members to bring their own headphones and directly connect to the class’s audio if they prefer.*


Are you ready to explore the possibilities and expand your studio offerings with fresh new classes and events? Want to motivate your students to hit that PR like never before? Contact us and we’ll help you bring the glow to every climb, jump, and flow.


*Only wired headphones can be connected to the Sound Off BYO receiver. The BYO receiver cannot connect to bluetooth headphones.