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A Journey for the Senses with Momentom Collective

In their latest artist residency program, hosted in Nicaragua with cofounder John Early, Momentom Collective focused on sound production and the art of movement.

The residency culminated in a vegan sensory deprivation dinner paired with Sound Off headphones. Diners experienced the meal blindfolded, while their skin was painted, ingredients were passed in front of their noses, and “a sound journey” played through noise-isolating silent disco headphones.

The artist who crafted the audio for the experience, Tamara Montenegro, notes that “it is sound that helps us to experience the mystery of the primal energy that permeates all life.” Montenegro frequently makes use of soothing beats interspersed with soft pipes and the calls of birds and other wildlife.

Sound Off headphones isolated the diners’ hearing to these sounds alone, elevating an already unique dining experience.