Sound Off™ Presents: KAF On the 1’s and 2’s

Death Before Dekaf 

The name is KAF, short for KAFEINE. Energetic and adept like a double shot of espresso, this DJ reads every crowd before hitting the sonic spot dead on. Oh, but, please hold the DJ, because the work speaks for itself. KAF will do perfectly.

The Magic Of Music

Born Seth Hoover in Huntingdon, PA, this mix table magician is also a classically trained pianist, guitarist, and drummer. He began crafting his auditory alchemy on the 1’s and 2’s after growing tired of lugging around heavy instruments. He witnessed a DJ work “total magic” at a party one night and immediately took to Amazon for cheap mixing software to follow suit. He asserts that DJs are indeed musicians and disc jockeying is not as simple as it looks. “From the crowd, it might look like you’re just hitting play and drinking out of a bottle,” says KAF. “But there’s so much more to it”. KAF specializes in mixing Top 40 hits and an all decades span of throwbacks.

Sound Check One Two, One Two

KAF is a resident DJ at Sound Off™️ Experience and part of the creative authority behind Sound Off x Sixthman At Sea. He lives in Atlanta but credits Pittsburg as the “LA of the East” with an emerging music scene that we should all keep our eyes on.

His motto: “Part of life is dealing with it”.

Check out this melodious mishmash of 80’s hits, Synthwave, and arcade sound effect sampling curated by KAF on Soundcloud.