Leiden University Sends Students into Freshman Year with a Silent Disco

You remember college orientation, right? Boring games, weird, overly enthusiastic upperclassman, and you, counting down the minutes until you could get back to your dorm room.

Well, Leiden University decided to take a different approach – they cap everything off with a big party.

Students at their Freshman Festival before the silent disco

The EL CID week, or freshman orientation week, offers pretty standard orientation programming – educational, housing, and sports events to show new students what they can expect life to be like at college.  But on the last day, they turn the whole city into a festival.



The Freshman festival, Leids Eerstejaars Festival, is about welcoming all the new students to Leiden University.


Silent Disco DJ

“[The festival is] absolutely the pinnacle event!” Rolando Podda, the Director of Marketing for the Sports Centre at Leiden University says. “Every year we try to add something really unique and cool to the festival. Sound Off will be one of a few great additions to the festival this year.”



The festival takes place on August 18th and with two stages and a silent disco, how could students say no?

DJ and Students at the silent disco








[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL5TTqLQzks&w=640&h=360]