Founder and CEO of Sound Off with a friend at a silent disco event

Celebrating Ten Years Making Silent Disco History

What began as a soul-searching trip in 2010 led to a pair of headphones on a beach in front of a club in Tel Aviv—and months later, Sound Off™ was born, offering a new perspective for how headphones can connect people rather than isolate them.

Ten years later, we’re still making silent disco history all over the world. We bring dance music into noise-challenged spaces, offering party goers the option to choose the music they move to, and have also innovated in new industries, like fitness and wellness, conference, audio/visual, and even senior health.

Want a quick glance at what we’ve done over the past ten years? We’ve got a video for that…

Sound Off 10 Year Anniversary from Sound Off on Vimeo.


“We’ve taken a product that was originally intended to isolate, and created immersive group experiences around it. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring tens of thousands of people across the globe together through our technology over the last decade.” –Castel Valere-Couturier, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Sound Off