Man wearing silent disco headphones and blindfold at a theater production

Sound Off™ Goes PITCHBLACK

Welcome to a cutting-edge, sensorial experience, complete with Sound Off headphones. 

The PITCHBLACK theater company (a partnership between the U.S. theatreC and Teatro Ciego of Argentina) produces shows in complete darkness. Since attendees cannot use sight, their senses of sound, smell, taste, and touch become heightened, which stimulates their imaginations in a whole new way. In an extension of their mission to show the power of the senses beyond the limits of sight, PITCHBLACK employs blind and low-vision individuals who hold forty percent of the theater company’s staff positions.

Sound Off’s silent disco technology is a major component in PITCHBLACK productions: Attendees wearing our headphones are able to experience sound so real that they feel fully immersed in the story unfolding before them — even though they’re sitting in a completely dark venue. Plus, our headphones stream the play’s dialogue in both English and Spanish simultaneously.

This silent disco theater adventure is a journey like no other, going beyond the limits of our eyes, taking us into the depths of a state-of-the-art audio experience, and challenging our perceived limits in bold, new ways.