Man doing weight training at outdoor Equinox gym

Sound Off™ In the Wild with Equinox

The fitness industry has seen some serious innovation over the last year, with cities all over the world imposing social distancing restrictions on businesses where people typically gather indoors. As a result, some gyms and studios have set up pop-up spaces outdoors to keep clients safe and healthy and still hitting their PRs.

Enter Equinox, taking that step to the next level. Last fall, the sports club opened an outdoor gym on its Los Angeles rooftop, Equinox+ In The Wild—and Sound Off™ is proud to be their silent disco audio solution. LA Equinox members can hit up group classes or work out solo in the unique space and still enjoy high-quality sound with our noise-isolating headphones. No worries about missing an instructor’s cue because the sound gets carried away before it reaches the back of the class. Noise complaints from neighboring businesses are a nonissue.

We love seeing our sound equipment used in fun, innovative ways, and we’re always happy to be a part of some creative problem-solving.

Equinox’s new rooftop gym in Los Angeles has partnered with Sound Off™ as their audio solution for this entirely outdoor fitness space.
Shout out to Los Angeles’s new outdoor gym, Equinox+ In The Wild