Peace, Love, Warrior Flow

No Man Left Behind

Adrian Molina knows that peace is worth fighting for. While working as a yoga teacher for Equinox in New York City, he founded Warrior Flow – a signature, “studio without walls” program whose workshops, activism, retreats and online resources have created a community
throughout schools, shelters, and even prisons from New York to Miami and beyond. Warrior Flow incorporates Sound Off™ headphones along with strength, restorative, and mobility training. This inclusive approach makes yoga attractive to even the most underserved of the masses like the homeless and people recovering from trauma.

Physicality Meets Technology

Born and raised in Argentina, Adrian stumbled across yoga after moving to the U.S. in 2001. Within a year of consistent practice, he started teaching. Looking back, Adrian says that yoga saved his life. “It was my first year in Miami, and the only good thing I had was yoga. Everything else was a mess. My finances, relationships, being new in the country. But yoga was the only thing that kept me centered. I started yoga teacher training. I didn’t even know English that well but I wanted to learn” he says. Years later, Adrian met with our CEO and started incorporating Sound Off™ headphones into his classes. “I love working with Sound Off because it brings a new level of experience to the practice. Some people might think that the headphones isolate but they actually give us a tremendous sense of freedom and space. It’s especially wonderful in Miami in front of the ocean. All the events that I’ve done with Sound Off sold out right away People just love it.”


Heal & Flow

Adrian says, “One of the reasons why I love working with Castel is because he’s always looking for what’s next and there’s always an altruistic intention for giving back in some way. And that’s what Warrior Flow is all about.”


Adrian Molina is also a writer, massage therapist, Reiki healer, meditation teacher and sound therapist. He lives with his husband in Miami Beach, FL

Join  Adrian at Warrior Flow’s  next event with Sound Off,: Miami’s Vegan Block Party!