Sara Auster: How One Woman Turned Tragedy Into Triumph With the Power of Sound


From Paralyzed to Paramount

When the floor collapsed in Sara Auster’s NYC apartment leaving her back broken in four places, what seemed like the ultimate test became her testimony. Sara was 23 and temporarily paralyzed. Doctors forecasted a gloomy life of ever-present pain, minimal maneuverability, and an arranged marriage with Big Pharma. But Sara wouldn’t accept that. Instead, she called on the forces of psychoacoustics, yoga, meditation, music, and art. And by their grace, she was healed.

Bowls, Gongs, and Forks

As an artist, sonar therapist, meditation guide, and living proof of the restorative power of curated noise, Sara’s mission is to bring holistic sound healing to contemporary culture. She’s changing lives through sound baths, sound meditation, community events, education and corporate mindfulness training. Her work provides the tools to access meditative states, support self-inquiry, and cultivate deep relaxation. Sara’s soothing Sound Baths, drawn of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks, facilitate a deep dive into one’s own awakening. Guests lie down and allow the healing tonic of tunes to get to work. These gentle yet powerful meditative events are carefully crafted for their therapeutic effects.

The Head Honcho of Healing

Sara Auster is an innovator in the wellness movement. Her clients include Google, Microsoft and American Express. She’s been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Vice, Quartz and Billboard Magazine and was named a top meditation expert by Oprah Magazine in 2016. We’ve been collaborating with Sara to do Sound Baths with our wireless technology since 2016. Sound Off headphones stream her voice crystal clear over a chorus of instruments that arouse theta and beta brain waves for mind-body rejuvenation. Sara’s work of helping others overcome emotional and physical trauma, improve focus, expand creativity, and connect through listening is nothing short of amazing. Quite simply, there’s just nothing like it.

If you would like to hear Sara’s work in action + score a Quartz crystal, try Sound Mo(ve)ments for 90 minutes of music to accompany mediation, promote deep relaxation, and sound sleep.