Sound Off™ Presents: 8NINE On the 1s and 2s

Party Like It’s 1989

Geronimo Jones, the self proclaimed Ratchet Captain, was born to a family of singers and drummers in Virginia. His stage name, 8NINE, is actually a tribute to the year of his birth, 1989. The family moved to Georgia where he continued to be exposed to and inspired by a rich culture of music. He identifies as an ATLien wholeheartedly.

There’s Just Something About Music

It all started when the ex-drummer was invited to an EDM club where the DJ was the main focus. He was impressed with the effect the emcee had on the crowd — swaying their moods with each new track that boomed through the sound system. He was also spurred by Atlanta’s up-tempo Crunk crusade during the mid 2000s. He credits the in-your-face, call and response style of the Ying Yang Twins and Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boys as the spark plug to him finally finessing the turntables. “I wanted to be the guy that nobody really knows but always gets the party jumpin’” says 8NINE. “I like getting people to dance and hear new music. Music is pretty much everything. There’s a lot that wouldn’t exist without it”.

Sound Check One Two, One Two

8NINE is a Resident DJ at Sound Off™️ Experience and part of the creative authority behind Sound Off X Sixthman At Sea. He is semi self taught and specializes in mixing EDM, Trap, House, and Jersey Club. He’s the guy that’ll get the party started!

Check out this nod-worthy, chock-full of Trap and House playlist from #YaGirlFavoriteDJ on Soundcloud.