Sound Off Silences Kids Yoga

Imagine a classroom full of 80+ second graders. They’re back from lunch. The teacher isn’t leading the class. And the classroom is…silent.

Rachel Robinson, a certified Kids Yoga Instructor, and Sound Off headphones are to thank for this phenomenon. She led the students through a kids’ friendly yoga practice, complete with a five minute dance party at the end of class.

Sound Off Kids Yoga
Rachel Robinson leads Sound Off Yoga for 2nd graders

But keeping over 80 7-year-olds attentive and engaged is no easy task.

It’s all about the tone of your voice,” Rachel said, “So with wearing the microphone, I was able to keep a calm, smooth voice. It was amazing to be able to whisper and see that they were all looking at me. There was no shouting, yelling, or clapping. I just felt that it was much more well organized.”

She has children of her own and saw such an improvement in everyone’s wellbeing when she introduced yoga into her own household. So she was very pleased when her son’s teacher reached out to her to share it with his school.

“The teachers are often in awe about how well behaved the children are. Especially the kids who have learning disabilities. Because of ADD they can’t keep that focus, but with the headphones on they kept attention,” Rachel said.

Rachel is no stranger to Sound Off Yoga, knowing the full benefits of turning your attention inward while wearing Sound Off headphones.

Even sweating they don’t fall off, they don’t move. So you can concentrate and get the full mindfulness side of things, especially in louder environments.”

Sound Off Yoga
Rachel Robinson, Sound Off Yoga instructor

To learn more about Rachel and see when you can take her next class, click here.  Or if you just need some major yoga fitspo, check our her Instagram.