Crowd wearing Sound Off headphones at a Daybreaker event

SOUND OFF™ STORIES: Daybreaker Gets Your Morning Started (Silently)

Daybreaker hosts outdoor sunrise dance parties in thirty cities all around the world. Their philosophy is to turn nightlife on its head — instead of late-night soirees where you might find drugs and alcohol, they throw epic morning dance and yoga events where folks connect in fresh, new ways while enjoying the likes of green juice and tea. 

“Sound Off’s noise-isolating headphones have allowed us to host events at any hour, at any iconic location, with the concert-grade sound system we need,” says Timothy Patch, Daybreaker COO, who has organized sunrise events from the Sydney Opera House to the Smithsonian Art museum in Washington D.C.

Daybreaker encourages attendees to express their most authentic selves and connect with a diverse, multigenerational community in an epic sunrise celebration (while no one nearby hears a thing). 

Thrilled that their participants can enjoy an immersive experience with crystal-clear, high-fidelity audio every time, Daybreaker Co-Founder Eli Clark-Davis says, “There’s no better wireless headset company that provides these kinds of collective moments!” 

We’re happy to be a part of this movement that breaks the day with dance, energy, intention, and joy. ☀️