Sound Off™ Secure: The Revolution Will Be Ticketless

No Tickets, No Problems

Sound Off™ is proud to present Sound Off Secure – a revolutionary check-in, check-out platform that makes managing inventory a breeze. Gone are the days of surrendering your ID, signing a printed waiver and holding on to a ticket all night. Sound Off Secure has reinvented the short-term rental process. Using Near Field Communication (NFC ) technology that pairs with an app, the process is painless. Attendees simply give their phone number, scan the headphones, swipe a credit card, and agree to the terms. Sound Off Secure snaps a photo of guests during check-in so there can be no confusion upon check out. When the event is over, guests simply tap their headphones against the Sound Off Secure reader before handing them over to staff. In a few minutes, they get a text confirming that the product has been returned. If the item isn’t returned, the system charges the card on file for the cost of the product. No tickets, no problems and an undocked inventory – a win-win for businesses and customers alike.

Lose the Fuss, Not the Inventory

Sound Off Secure provides an innovative, easy-to-use experience that connects customers like never before. Our platform delivers effortless inventory management that people can trust. Sound Off Secure’s  keeps customer data private. The security system gives organizers more control over inventory. It also does away with liability for holding on to collateral like identification or credit cards in exchange for equipment. In this glorious age of technology, we’re all about making things fuss free for our clients.

Try It, You’ll Like It!

Our clients have been pleased with Sound Off Secure’s simplicity and we know yours will be too. Sound Off Secure can be used in conjunction with any Sound Off product. We offer personalized marketing options like custom branded screens and messages. Our digital door is always open. Let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to having you use this technology at your events.

Check out the video below from Castel Valere-Couturier, Sound Off’s CEO to see Sound Off Secure in action.