Steve Vansickle: N.E.O, Transcendence, and Binaural Beats

Neural Enhancing Observation 

We’d bet any amount of money that Steve Vansickle knows more about sound than you do. He’s done everything from ocean acoustics analytics as a sonar tech aboard a nuclear submarine to producing electronic music as a transcendence DJ. Using N.E.O (Neural Enhancing Observation) Steve ushers clients through guided virtual reality meditations. N.E.O is the exploration of expanding the limits of the mind by creating a sensory deprived environment in which the user is left only with his consciousness. This environment combined with the possibilities of virtual reality provides a way for people to implement their new level of thinking into daily life. Steve uses N.E.O to help heal trauma, reconstruct the memory, and to balance vibrational frequencies. His mission is to rejuvenate, elevate, and transcend minds with the power of technology.

In the Beginning

Steve has dedicated his entire life to technology- specifically the study of sound. Born in North Dallas, Texas, his earliest memory of sound is playing with remote control cars as a child. Steve was utterly fascinated by the remote controls that would send frequency signals to synchros and servos inside the cars affecting their speed and direction. After tearing the remote apart, he was surprised to find a crystal inside. He realized that the crystal emitted a certain frequency that connected with the synchros and servos of the toy car. Steve thought this was nothing short of magic and has been spellbound with sound ever since.

N.E.O X Sound Off

Four decades later, Steve elevates the minds of others with the power of technology. He uses Sound Off headphones to ease clients into mediation at Southern California’s Trilogy Sanctuary. Working with Sound Off has been additive to his work with avant-garde virtual reality meditation. He realized that people are familiar with the headphone technology and do better when an element of the experience is not so foreign. Sound Off headphones help Steve’s clients achieve transcendence one binaural beat at a time.

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In the meantime, listen to Steve talk to the San Diego Virtual Reality group at EvoNexus below. This guy is a genius!  We promise that you’ll learn something new…