Student meditating with silent disco headphones

The Key To Life: Be United, We United, Qi United

No Man Left Behind

Damon D’Amato founded Qi United — a Las Vegas non-profit organization committed to alleviating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after losing two Veteran friends to suicide and addiction. “Qi United is where self discovery meets emotional recovery through breath, mindfulness and movement,” says Damon. “I give them the tools to cope and say ‘I know what this is and I know what to do when I feel anger, anxiety, or depression.’ I help them take their power back with their breath.” Damon partners with the Veterans Hospital and different affiliate programs all throughout Nevada. He leads them on a full immersion circuit of IV therapy to flush the system, acupuncture, physical training, breathwork & meditation, infra-red sauna sessions, ice recovery tubs, and CBD. Six months ago, he incorporated Sound Off™ headphones for guided meditation and the response has been overwhelming. “71% of the Veterans I work with have PTSD and we’re combatting that without medication,” says Damon. “I’m grateful for Sound Off and the ability to take it up a notch for them. It’s so empowering. Attendance doubled after my first class using the headphones”. 

Mind Over Matter

Damon traded his business, real estate, and corporate counseling background for a career in wellness over 10 years ago. He was introduced to the worlds of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation by a friend who had visibly transformed his life. Almost immediately, Damon identified with these practices and shifted his own life’s work, purpose, and passion. He began touring with a group called Qi Revolution for 3-day full immersion seminars across the country. After reaching the highest level of certification, Damon began to teach Qi Gong himself. In 2016, he made a conscious effort to reach out to Veterans and invite them to join these seminars for free. Each event was wildly successful and Damon knew that he wanted to continue pouring into the hearts and minds of Veterans. He founded Qi United in 2016 and has been doing just that ever since.“We’re a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so as people continue to see the work that we’re doing we’ll keep growing. Sound Off has been part of the growth factor. Meditation is very difficult for a lot of people and the noise isolating headphones help me take them on a journey that puts them in this safe space. It’s beautiful because the result is that they feel they can overcome their trauma and it’s life changing”.

Heal One, Heal All

PTSD isn’t exclusive to Veterans. Damon also works with women cancer survivors, a men’s Christian group, and another group that suffers from Lime’s disease. “Breathwork and meditation is for anyone who is looking for healing,” says Damon. As his website states: “It ALL begins with the Breath. We are all connected to it. From the time we are born we cry out for it and in the end of days we cling to it.” Damon’s goal is to continue to grow Qi United across the country. “I’m planting seeds. In 2020 we’ll be able to launch at least a dozen new chapters in different cities throughout the US”.

We applaud Damon for his holistic approach to helping Veterans recover from emotional and physical trauma. If you would like to make a donation or connect with the Qi United community, click here!