Yoga class with silent disco technology

The Sweet Spot

If there was only one piece of advice that Sheila Martin could share with the world it would be to learn how to maintain a calm and controlled breath. Sheila learned the importance of such a thing as she leaned on the power of yoga and meditation to cope with corporate America and the declining health of a parent. It wasn’t long before she found the practice to be crucial for her mental, physical, and spiritual health. After years of working in the wine industry, Sheila shifted gears and earned her yoga teacher certification. In 2019, she founded The Sweet Spot – A Yoga Place, a wellness studio and community in Sonoma, California. The Sweet Spot offers weekly yoga and meditation classes featuring Sound Off™ headphones. “People love the headphones for bringing them more inward and creating an environment where they’re not distracted. It’s been an incredible journey”, reports Sheila. The Sweet Spot is a physical manifestation of Sheila’s life purpose: bringing peace and joy to others while helping them find “a sweeter spot within themselves”.

Sheila became acquainted with Sound Off after stumbling upon a meditation class with what she described as “an ecstatic dance component” (aka Silent Disco) in the end.  It was her first time experiencing wireless headsets in this way and she fell in love immediately. “I knew I had to have these headphones and I wanted to share them”, says Sheila. The response to classes offering Sound Off headphone technology has been incredible “People that have never tried yoga are coming to The Sweet Spot excited to learn about it. My practice is approachable and forgiving and using the headphones is an amazing bonus for people to feel comfortable”.

Sheila’s goal is for the mind, body, and spirit to work as one. The Sweet Spot even offers weekly sound baths a meditative experience submerged in sound. “I’ve connected with other practitioners in the community and we are introducing people to other modalities we can incorporate to help them get in touch with themselves. We have 60-80,000 thoughts in a day. Many of these thoughts are not the best quality. The Sweet Spot creates space to be free from those thoughts”. 

Sheila’s 2020 vision is to bring yoga and meditation to the homeless, the wine industry, corporate America, and even schools. If you would like to join Sheila and find “The Sweet Spot” within yourself, click here.